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The Noah Center has merged with a larger health care organization in the area (Berkshire South Regional Community Center, Great Barrington, MA). If you are looking for health information or resources from the Noah Center, those webpages and information are no longer available. There is lots of information available on the web, besides what was once here, and if you need specific help in areas that the Noah Center once provided, you can contact Berkshire South or take a look at their website (use the link given above).

Fasting for Health

Do you need to know some basic information about fasting? If you look for good practical advice about a water, fruit, or juice fast you will likely come across many websites and books that are designed not so much to help you but to sell something. The book itself, a so called "cleansing" product or some scheme stated to be the way to gaining perfect health. This is not what fasting is about. A nice place to start with fasting is to try to learn what fasting is, and is not, and the various ways a fast can be carried out. A simple way that many people try fasting is through trying water fasting for a day. This can be a fantastic means of discovering a bit about your body and your own eating habitats.

Please don't ruin your Hearing

There are so many people that listen to digitial music players these days, many of which are personal devices that have some form or "private" speakers. Regular earbuds, noise cancelling earphones, bluetooth earbuds, headphones and others are all used. It is really important to understand that these devices can do a lot of harm to your hearing if you listen to them at a high volume. Young people are especially susceptible to this type of hearing damage. Be careful and protect your hearing!